The gruesome footage below was filmed on 12/30/2011 by Andrei Pronsky, known in neo-Nazi circles under the nickname Bloodma (from English bloodman – “bloody man”). Along with NS/WP associate, 19-year-old Anatoly Plato. In the video they are seen mutilating an unnamed Jewish man that they’d murdered 2 days prior on December 28, 2011.

This wasn’t the video they wanted!

The pair forced the man to dig his own grave, after he was finished digging they partially beheaded him with an axe while recording the whole ordeal, at some point, while fleeing the scene of the crime, Anatoly dropped the camera containing the video he was so proud of making.

Settled for this video!

Andrei and Anatoly returned to the scene of the crime to find the camera but were unsuccessful. Frustrated by the loss of his trophy video, they decided to dig up the body and record themselves mutilating it.

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Criminally Insane?

In a bizarre twist, both men responsible for the murder and mutilation were found criminally insane in the Russian court. Both ended up spending only two years in a mental health facility before being released.

Andrei was re-arrested on dozens of charges ranging from murder, arson, assault, assassination attempt, rape and more.