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Asylum Freebie – 17 Year Old Attacked Has His Hand CHOPPED OFF WITH MACHETE!

A 17-year-old teenager, from the Villas de Aranjuez neighborhood in the southeastern area of Cartagena, after four young men attacked him with a machete and cut off his left hand.

The events occurred this afternoon in the Bolívar sector of that residential unit and despite the fact that he was taken to the Madre Bernarda Clinic, along with his amputated limb, little has been done to the young man, he assured Mundo Noticias, Luis Miguel Henriquez, leader of the Villas de Aranjuez neighborhood.

He made an urgent call to the authorities to take action on the case, since the hours passed and they have not intervened surgically.

He stated that the young man was with his father fixing a motorcycle and when he went out to a store to carry out an errand, he was savagely attacked by four young men apparently from Ciudad Bicentenario.
He said that the heartless aggressors, once they committed the barbaric deed, fled the area of events.

The amputated hand fell to the ground and from there it was collected and packed in a plastic bag with ice, to be kept until they arrived at the care center.

He said that these attacks are frequent as well as the throwing of stones, almost daily, which on many occasions break windows and roofs of their homes, and have caused injuries.

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