In the village of Priozerka, Omsk region, a camel attacked the watchman of a hunting base. A 51-year-old man died from his injuries and bites.

A video appeared on the Web, which shows that the guard hit the camel in the face, but he did not endure it. He attacked the man and bit him to death. The 51-year-old guard died at the hospital from his injuries. Now, prosecutors are investigating the incident.

According to RIA Novosti, the supervisory authority will also assess the legality of the actions of those responsible for ensuring security on the territory of the base and compliance with the requirements of legislation on keeping animals.

Alfiya Isteleeva, the director of Aksaraisky, also believes that the watchman himself provoked the animal. According to her, camels usually do not attack themselves, but in winter they have a mating season, when it is better not to anger the males.

Marat Gainullin, chief livestock specialist of the Aksarai camel farm, believes that the deceased himself is to blame for what happened. The expert noted that the guard hit the camel and was also probably drunk. According to Gainullin, camels do not like drunks, and react to aggression in self-defense.

Camel has been Killed

Later it became known that the camel had been shot. A local resident, Lyudmila, told Life that one of the village men killed him at the request of his fellow villagers, who were afraid of the animal’s aggression.

Lyudmila believes that the residents took such a radical step without understanding the situation. According to her, they first took up arms, and only then looked at the cameras and realized that the guard had hit the camel first.

The woman also said that everyone in the village knew the deceased watchman, he had throat cancer. The man worked at the base for about three years.