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Three young females have been accused of multiple offenses after purportedly detaining another young female at a residence for a prolonged period of time. During the detainment, the suspects reportedly subjected the victim to physical assault, verbal abuse, and blade lacerations while recording the ordeal. As per police reports, on March 11th, the 13-year-old victim

Tatiane Spitzner was a 29-year-old attorney in Brazil, married to Biologist, Luis Felipe Manvailer in 2013. Spitzner confronts him about messages from a female on his phone, proving he was having an affair

Manvailer did not take the confrontation from his wife we’ll, and he beats his wife to death, before tossing her corpse off of their apartment’s balcony in an attempt to stage a suicide. Then, he drags her beaten and mangled body back inside. The entire bizarre incident was recorded on multiple CCTV cameras throughout the couples apartment building. Watch the video below.