In this screenshot you can see the knife the man was holding.

Officer Rutherford and Officer Trainee Hazel were driving their previously scheduled route in a marked patrol vehicle when they were dispatched to the 1800 block of W. Lafayette Ave.

The report stated an unknown male was holding a knife to the neck of a female on the street.

Within 2 minutes of receiving the call, the officers arrived and immediately called for back up. Officer Rutherford exits his patrol vehicle, approached the man and the woman who were in the street.

The male had a large butcher knife to the head of the female, it’s hard to make out from the video but it appears the female was crawling away and the knife Weilding man dove after her.

While both the man & the woman were on the ground, Officer Rutherford discharged his service weapon, striking the male.

Officer Trainee Hazel remained by the patrol vehicle, and called for additional units and medics.

As units arrived, he and the other officers provided medical attention to the male that was shot.

The man was identified as Tyree Moorehead of Baltimore, and the female is also a resident of Baltimore. The suspect and victim were not related and had no connection.

Moorehead was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Sunday Nov 6th, at 3:41 PM –