In Villa Juana, Santo Domingo , they took the life of a young man known until now as Junior , who was very loved by everyone in that sector. Let’s find out the details of this tragic case below…

So far it is known that the deceased today was apparently killed by a well-known criminal who was identified as ‘El Nanao’ . But that’s not all, because this criminal is also accused of taking the lives of other people from that town.

On the other hand, it was also revealed that “El Nanao” in the company of other armed men, was seen chasing Junior, who tried to flee so as not to die in the hands of said individuals. In addition, through social networks, a video is circulating, in which you can see how the aggressors shoot the deceased today several times with firearms.

It was also revealed that after Junior suffered the violent and fatal attack, he was rushed to a nearby medical center, but died, this because the wounds had caused fatal bleeding.

On the other hand, the case of Junior has left the community of Villa Juana quite dismayed, since the young man was very loved in that town.