A deadly trip was registered in the last hours on the road that connects Calarcá with Cajamarca, after the overturning of a truck carrying a load of oranges, in which one person died and two more were injured.

According to the information provided, it is Laura Pérez, a truck driver who unfortunately lost her life in the accident, according to her colleagues.

Nayibe Díaz Beltrán, chief of the Tolima Police Transit and Transportation Section, provided details of the event and pointed out that it was the loss of control of the vehicle leading to its overturning.

“We registered a sinister type of lateral overturning road on the Calarcá -Cajamarca road in the Cajamarquita sidewalk sector, where apparently the woman lost control of the truck-type vehicle causing the accident, leaving the woman dead and two people injured,” he said. the chief of traffic

Finally, it was learned that the two people were transferred to a care center in the city of Armenia to be checked, while the authorities carried out urgent acts with the body of the deceased woman.