Video surveillance cameras captured a violent assault inside the offices of a real estate company located in the municipality of Mazatlán, state of Sinaloa. In the robbery, the alleged assailant fired a firearm and injured a 17-year-old teenager in the head. Local press reports indicated that the young woman’s health status is delicate and that, due to her injury, she remains in intensive care.

According to a video of the incident broadcast on social networks, the events occurred shortly before 6:00 p.m. last Saturday, October 14, when a man entered the property located on San Timoteo Street, in the Pradera Dorada subdivision. After opening the door, the subject draws a firearm, cuts a cartridge and begins to threaten and demand their belongings from five people who were inside the establishment

It is then that a man intervenes and tries to push away the alleged assailant, with whom he begins to struggle. At that moment, the subject opens fire and the bullet hits the head of the teenager, identified as Jocelyn “N”, who immediately collapses to the ground amid the desperate screams of the others present. “Don’t move!” shouts the thug while, with gun in hand, he slams his hand on a desk to demand the money: “Give it to me, quickly! Everything, phone, everything,” he exclaims while continuing to threaten.

One of his victims responds, scared, “there it is, that’s it,” although the criminal, dressed in a cap, face mask and black clothing, continues with his threats. Once his mission was accomplished, the man fled the scene to escape with an accomplice, who was waiting for him outside on a motorcycle. Meanwhile, inside the building they come to help care for the minor who was hit by a bullet in the head