31-year-old Anatoly Osipov, the son of Andrey Osipov, a deputy of the Volgograd City Duma who died in 2013 and one of the business partners of the reputable Volgograd businessman Vladimir Kadin, Andrey Osipov, was detained by the police for conducting a trash stream and bullying an 18 year old girl.

The shocking video appeared on social networks on the evening of May 18.

A little more and the video will loadVideo: osipov34reg/ Instagram (activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation)The footage, which has survived on the Web, shows how a young man with tattooed hands beats and swears at a girl who, according to her, is only 18 years old.

The torturer calls himself God, the resurrected Jesus, and everyone else – Lucifers, while not forgetting to beat the woman with a pistol and threaten to shoot the woman.

Throughout his broadcast, the young man sighs and is indignant. Volgograd recorded his stories at three in the morning, choking with anger and discontent.


His words are below!

This is the third high-profile case, and I can already celebrate Malakhov. I am very touched for the living. It worked like a trigger for me. I’m in such a state that I just don’t even know how to explain it – it’s all probably from above, there’s no other way, ”the young man says in the video. – The head does not even think … You have brought me to such a heat. I just won’t forgive you for this … I now understand why no one supports me in Russia … You just m … e. You are just finished, everything that you are doing now is all recorded. All your hype will be punished. God saw me, and he just dragged me out of there… from your devilry finished. You won’t run away anywhere. You are just creatures and devils. That’s just how everything breaks down in our country. People are willing to sell for money. You understand that you are in nature finished. All of you should rot in some kind of swamp. Everyone must rot in the swamp. You’ve driven me to this… Even my godfather isn’t that disgusting.

“This game and evil spirits must be punished and exterminated. I ask you for support. I feel very bad today, I will do CT and everything else. I want to tell it like it is. I was well aware that the whole organization was engaged in something unclean. I am in our country, and I am for our country, I have in my head all the schemes of their illegal activities. They did not take into account the moment that they contacted the master of sports in clay shooting. I will not deceive you, I am very nervous.


Everything that I said – I warmed up the interest. I want to break the USA, and I want to do it in their own space. You understand that I am a person with a very bright head. You have already appreciated me as an actor, I can shed a tear when I need to. And now I ask for your support. I ask everyone’s forgiveness and ask to help Russia together. Let’s tear up the USA in their media space.


However, after that he instantly switches to some kind of religious obsession and begins to call himself a white shark and someone more significant.

I am a personal proof that in difficult times people who are a prophet leave. I am a prophet, I hear the voices of god. I hear your presence. I almost went crazy, and now everything has decomposed on my shelves, and I catch everything on the fly. I am the heir … think for yourself whom. You all know where I am. I ask everyone to drive up and support me, if you lose me again now, I just will never forgive you for this. I am horrified by what you have turned my country into and what you have done to my people. West, get lost, I’m coming for you, and I’ve come to eat you all. I’m that great white shark that’s going to eat it all up. I am the one who is not accepted to be called, and the one who is not accepted to show off. Jesus is risen – truly risen.

I won’t say this on camera, do you understand?”

The health committee clarified that the injured girl was taken to hospital No. 25, where she underwent a comprehensive examination. As a result, she was sent to outpatient treatment

The detained man on the video calls himself Anatoly Osipov. His full namesake is listed as the director and founder of Premium Invest, a company engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings. In 2022, the company showed a revenue of 7.9 million rubles and a net profit of 286 thousand rubles. Also, the man was one of the founders of Delta LLC, where, in addition to him, the infamous deputies Evgeny Shchur and Fedor Litvinenko were listed as founders .

The man’s father, ex-deputy of the Volgograd City Duma Andrey Osipov, died in the fall of 2013 from a heart attack. The man was only 44 years old. At the same time, the name of Andrey Osipov appeared in the scandal of 2010, when Andrey Osipov and Vladimir Kadin were stopped at the traffic police post in Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs, a roe deer carcass was found in one of the cars, and hunting rifles were found in the other.

This is not the first time that the children of former reputable entrepreneurs have been reported by the police. In the summer of 2019, the son of Sergei Brudny, who was shot in the center of the city, Daniil, on Nikolai Otrada Street, killed a pedestrian to death . According to the court’s verdict, he will spend 6.5 years in a colony.