Lawyer Kills Ex Girlfriend Before Shooting himself in the head!

For reasons unknown, lawyer Vicente Nogueira Gumbis de Souza, 48, shot his 27 year old ex girlfriend Michelli Stefani Nascimento, in the face and then took his own life by putting the gun in his mouth.

The feminicide followed by suicide took place at 7:14 pm on Tuesday in the collective garage of a building in Aparecida, Santos.

Called to check where the sound of gunshots was coming from in the Turiaçu Building, located at Rua Alexandre Martins, 18, military police officers came across Vicente dead on the garage floor, with a .38 caliber revolver by his left leg. Next to the body there was a car, and in the driver’s seat was the lifeless body of Michelli Stefani Nascimento.

The PMs preserved the site until the arrival of experts and the team of delegate Maria Luísa dos Santos Neves, from the Santos Police Station for the Defense of Women (DDM). In addition to the revolver, two cell phones were seized, believed to belong to Vicente and Michelli, and images from the condominium’s internal security circuit.

The cameras in the garage clearly captured the facts. Michelli arrived at the building driving her car, removed two suitcases from the vehicle, placed them on the ground and returned to the car. At that moment, Vicente approached the driver’s side window and shot the young woman twice.

Then the lawyer put the revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger once more, falling beside the car. The footage suggests that Vicente was very anxiously awaiting Michelli’s arrival, as he walked from one side to the other. An ambulance team arrived at the building, but the victims were already dead.

The young woman’s current partner also went to the building. He became aware of the crime and attemped to get in touch with Michelli’s family, who lives in another state.