ATLANTA, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – A fatal Douglas County shooting involving deputies is now under investigation by the GBI.

According to Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, around 11:20 a.m., deputies were called to investigate after reports of a man with a gun at a Special Olympics game in the stadium of New Manchester High School.

“It’s scary,” said Kamaria Childress, who said she was glad her siblings were okay. “I don’t want to come home or be at work and hear something has happened to my little brother or sister.”

When investigators approached the man, he took off.

The Sheriff’s Office says they recovered a cellphone, which led them to a home about half a mile away on Ferncrest Place.

At 12:11 p.m., they went to the door and spoke with 29-year-old Douglasville man Steven Blunt.

“As deputies were beginning to talk to Blunt, he pulled out a handgun and shot at the deputies. One of the deputies returned fire, shooting Blunt,” Douglas County Sheriff’s Office officials said.

Blunt was rushed to an area hospital where he died.

Londa Molden’s daughter was a volunteer at the Special Olympics game, and said she was terrified when she heard the school went on lockdown.

“As parents we are trying to help our children be mentally okay with past events involving shootings,” she said, referencing the school shooter in Nashville. “They go to school, just like they do all year, but just not knowing when another unfortunate event is going to happen.

The officer-involved shooting remains under investigation