Escaped Monkey Attacks 2 Year Old Girl In Russian Village!

The attack happened in the Russian village of Terpigorievo. As four children were playing in the yard of a private home.

As you see in the video above, the children are playing near an above ground pool. The toddler is on a ladder next to the pool when suddenly a monkey appears out of nowhere and charges directly at the 2-year-old girl.

Everyone playing in the yard scatters like cockroaches and leaves the female child alone to fend for herself against the crazed monkey. The child struggles and even attempts climbing back up the ladder but the monkeys much too strong and the baby must endure a prolonged attack.

Luckily for the baby girl, she has a mother. The woman was able to pull the child from of the clutches of the deranged monkey.

The injured toddler was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Where doctors diagnosed her with significant blood loss from her injuries but she will survive & determined her outlook for the future is positive.

( No thanks to dad or her brothers or sisters. )

It was later learned the monkey escaped from a private zoo owned by a millionaire attorney who lives in the same neighborhood as the children. Which also houses wolves, elephants and more exotic wildlife.

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A horrifying video has surfaced on social media, which shows a monkey brutally attacking a toddler. The little girl was playing with other children outside the home where she lives when the primate attacked her. In a report, UK-based news outlet Metro identified the girl as two-year-old Paulina, a refugee from Ukraine. The outlet further said that the attack took place in the Russian village of Terpigorievo where she has been living with her parents after being given refuge by neighbour and family friend.

The video, caught on the CCTV installed in the area, is circulating on various social media platforms, including Reddit. It shows Paulina climbing a ladder when the animal suddenly appears. Tugging her to the ground, the monkey also bites the girl.

After hearing the screams of the two-year-old, her parents rush out from the home and see the monkey on top of her. Paulina’s mother picks her up but the monkey lunges and grabs the little girl’s leg continuing its attack. Her father tries to pull the monkey away, and succeeds too, but it dodges the man and again runs towards Paulina. Her father again intervenes and tries to kick the primate but it shows little fear.

The video ends with the parents running inside their home with Paulina and the monkey following them. Newsweek said that the monkey belonged to the millionaire owner of the house who had given the family refuge and lives next door. It belongs to the man’s ‘pet zoo’ which also hosts wolves, elephants and other wild animals.

The outlet said that Paulina has suffered deep cuts on her arms and legs and lost a lot of blood. She was taken to the intensive care unit of a local hospital after being rushed there. The doctors performed surgery on the toddler in the ICU and she is now in the regular ward, according to Newsweek.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the people in the video are actually the girls parents or neighbors