A Penitentiary Agent is riddled with rifle shots in the Mariscal Estigarribia neighborhood of PJC.

On the evening of this Wednesday, March 29, a man identified as Robert Osmar Ortiz Villalba, who went outside to look for his cell phone that was in his car was riddled with bullets, presumably a large-caliber rifle, according to the first information gathered.

The man was assisted by passers-by to the regional hospital but he arrived without a sign of life to the care center, the fact was reported to the National Police and the Fiscal Agent on duty at the same time the forensic doctor was called to carry out the rigorous procedures.

The Directorate of Investigation of Punishable Acts and Criminal Investigation is already engaged in the investigation of the case, collecting the evidence that can be used to clarify the unfortunate fact, likewise, the Department of Homicide, Criminalistics and other dependencies of the National Police in the department are already working on the case.

Robert Osmar Ortiz Villalba worked as a prison agent in the Pedro Juan Caballero regional jail, he was 40 years old, born in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero.

Commissioner Oscar Cuevas reported that he himself was on vacation and when he left his residence to pick up his cell phone he was surprised by the hit men who were moving aboard a car whose other details are unknown because it fled.

A moment ago, the Directorate of the National Police reported that a vehicle was incinerated on the outskirts of the city, in a vacant yard between the María Victoria neighborhood and Cerro Cora’i