According to police, the crime took place
around 2 am in a bar. There is still no
information about the circumstances of the
crime, but according to the images of the
security circuit, the PM appears to be calming
a man. Next to the man, there is also a blonde
woman who appears to be very nervous.

Leaning against a car parked in front of the
bar, a man observes the policeman with the
boy, then a group arrives and begins to
observe the two of them as well. The woman
comments something with the group and
soon after, they approach the PM and shoot
the victim with a firearm. A person still tries
to hold the gun of one of the criminals, but
also becomes the target of the shots and runs
into the bar.

The man who was leaning against the car
watching the policeman get into the vehicle
with the suspects and the group flees in the
car and on a motorcycle. The police will
investigate if he was part of the group, or if
his car was stolen and he was taken hostage.
The PM’s gun was stolen by the criminals.

In addition to PM, the victim was also social
director of the Association of Police Squares
and Military Firefighters of Amazonas.

The crime is being investigated by the
Specialized Homicide and Kidnapping Police
Station (DEHS).